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Boite à shoes -






  • VFX
  • Making Of
  • Photographer

What ?

“Boîte à shoes” is a music video directed by Maxime Ellies. For the music video, i was asked to do the VFX. On the set, i was asked to take picture, film and edit a making of in order to post it on social medias of the artist, Dosseh.

How ?

I mainly used After Effects to do the differents effect that we can see on the video.I filmed with an a7iii with my hands only and i took pictures with a film camera, the Canon EF on Kodak Ultramax 400.

1.Dosseh - Boite à shoes

Day 1

2.Dosseh - Boite à shoes
Before the start of the set

Day 1

3.Dosseh - Boite à shoes
Following the car

Day 1

4.Dosseh - Boite à shoes
Ah gars

Day 1

5.Dosseh - Boite à shoes

Day 1

6.Dosseh - Boite à shoes
Get robbed

Day 2

7.Dosseh - Boite à shoes
Between two sets

Day 2

Making of